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Peppermint - Herbal Tea


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Cool, zingy flavours, a healthy peppermint blast free of caffeine and calories. Delicious! Tastes good hot or cold especially after meals.
    Great Taste award 1 star 2018
What the judges said
2016 - "A vibrantly fresh aroma from the mint, which has not been overly milled. The peppermint infusion is aromatic and has a punch that you rarely find. This delivers everything that a lover of peppermint tea would ask for. This is a pure honest tea with a complex and lingering aftertaste."
2017 - "A delightfully vibrant green-gold colour to the infusion, along with good, spicy pungency on the nose. There's a pleasant mint attack here, though without overmuch tingle. This is a satisfying infusion, if not quite as exciting and bright as we'd hope for."
  • Ingredients: Premium Peppermint
  • Caffeine content: None
  • Origin: USA - Washington State
  • Brewing time: 6-8 min
  • Temperature: 100
  • Quantity: 1-2 teaspoon/s per cup

50g loose = approx 20 cups


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