October 25, 2018 2 min read

Who doesn't love a good cuppa? Whether it's first thing in the morning, for elevenses or to wind down at the end of a day - tea remains a firm favourite up and down the country. While in the past, the general public was less than discerning about their choice of tea. They were happy to drop whatever convenient mesh bag of green and black stuff they came across into their cup. It's almost as if in the past, as long as it was hot and had a vague tea flavour, it was worthy enough.

All that's changed in recent years though, in a similar way to how coffee lovers are more discerning about what they put in their cups, many tea drinkers are not just accepting shop bought tea bags. Therefore, if you want to increase your business, while it's fine to sell bagged tea, you also need to provide a wider selection of loose tea choices for your customers. Why? In the following post we'll look at some of the main factors driving this change in taste.

People Want to make More Ethical Choices

It's no longer possible to escape from the clear evidence there is all around us that many of the practices we saw as normal have been causing problems for the planet. With that in mind, many people are now more hyper-aware of ethical issues and always looking to make more eco-friendly choices. With all the talk of the very real problem we have with plastic waste throughout the world, people are looking to reduce or completely eliminate the use of plastic in their lives. That includes, which might surprise some whowere not fully in the loop, tea bags.

Tea bags often include plastic strips, to secure them and stop them from falling apart. Although there's plenty of plastic-free alternatives, many of the high street brands still use them. Companies likeCheshire Teadoes not include any plastic in their teabags. By choosing to sell loose tea you are completely eliminating the need to add to the plastic problem.

More Intense Flavours

In mass produced tea bags, the tea is never as good in quality as that you get from loose tea leaves. This is generally because tea leaves are too big for bags and therefore a collection of tea remains and thefannings are used in bags. Although you still get that distinctive tea flavour, it's not as intoxicatingly strong or full bodied than it is from loose tea. People in general are wiser about things like this and therefore, crave a more satisfyingly rich flavour from their cuppa. Therefore, to meet that demand and ensure that your tea sales climb, you should switch to selling more loose tea.

The increasing demand for higher quality and more ethically sourced and packaged tea does not look to be slowing.So, if your business offers teas to its customers and want to ensure your business booms, you need to offer moreloose tea varieties.

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