Cheshire Tea - The ultimate source of your refreshing cup of tea

November 16, 2017 2 min read

Every tea lover will attest to the greatness of having a refreshing cup of tea at any time of the day. For the best experience, you don’t have to look any further than Cheshire Tea, a company that lives to its tagline of “Seriously Tasty Tea”. Yes, just think of any flavour that you need, and you will find it from us.

Why You Should Buy Our Tea

We know the goodness of tea, and that is why we brew it with optimum professionalism to ensure that our teas retain their natural health properties. Cheshire Tea is home to a few varieties of tea which include black, green, fruit, Rooibos, Darjeeling, oolong and white teas.

With a clear understanding of every detail that is required in every variety that we produce, you are guaranteed to enjoy the best cup of every type that you buy from us.

Our Various Varieties

From the normal black tea that is popular globally as the best morning beverage to the green teas and herbal tea that most of the customers will purchase for the cleansing of their bodies, we produce our popular brews to give you the best experience and results.

In addition to the refreshing effects that tea offers you, drinking it helps to hydrate your body as well as keep it free from cardiovascular ailments, some types of cancers and it also fights free radicals in your body. Our tea will give you that and more benefits.

We Make Tea Drinking Fun

Try our popular brews that come in different flavours. For your morning cup of tea, our Cheshire Breakfast is all you need. It’s a great starter of your morning and will keep you refreshed through the day. Cream Earl Grey will serve the same purpose too.

You need tea throughout the day too, and for that, we have all the flavours that you would want such as Darjeeling Afternoon tea, Formosa Fancy oolong and China Pai Mu Tan white tea.

Our best evening drinks include Delicious Berry, Apple Spiced, Peppermint, and our Mint Chocolate Rooibos which are refreshing after-dinner drinks without the caffeine or calories.

For those who a looking at cleansing and boosting the performance of their body systems. Cheshire Tea has various flavours of Green teas which include Cherry Sencha, Jasmine Blossom and Japan Sencha along with Peppemint Herbal.

All the mentioned assortments are meant to cater for the different tastes of our customers, and with the feedback that we get, we can confidently say that Cheshire Tea Company sorts everyone's thirst through our range of magnificent tea products.

You Can't Miss Our Packaging

Whether you are looking for our biodegradable pyramid tea bags or loose-leaf tea, our top-quality packaging that hold the equally top-quality tea is outstanding. You can’t fail to notice our award-winning blends, for instance, the Mint Chocolate Rooibos that attained three gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2015.

Our aim is not just being the best but ensuring that we provide quality tea to our customers through sourcing the best leaves that enables us to come up with this top-quality tea. Just like they say the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, you need to pick your favourite flavour of Cheshire Tea today, and we can bet that you will certainly come back for more!

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