Finum Tea Filters - Filter Tea Bags for Loose Leaf


Finum are hassle free tea filters and perfect for those who want the benefits of premium loose leaf teas with the convenience of a teabag. Simply fill the sack with a teaspoon or two of your favourite loose leaf tea, fold over the top flap, and put the filter in your cup, mug, or teapot. Remove it when the tea has been steeped. Great for use any time at home, travel or at work, in fact anywhere!

Biodegradable: The Finum paper tea filters do not contain adhesives, they are bleached without chlorine and are FSC certified disposable tea filters. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The long flap of the paper Finum filter has been designed to fill easily, therefore, it guarantees an accurate preparation and the least amount of loss of tea leaves.

Double folded for more space. Thanks to the double bottom fold and the space, the loose tea leaves can unfold optimally and thus guarantee the best process in a paper filter. No more loose tea leaves in the sink and when you're done, you can even compost them with your loose tea!


Size: Each box contains 100 tea filters


Size L








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