T-Sacs - Filter Tea Bags for Loose Leaf


T-sacs are hassle free tea filters and perfect for those who want the benefits of premium loose leaf teas with the convenience of a teabag. Simply fill the sack with a teaspoon or two of your favourite loose leaf tea or herbs, fold over the top flap, and put the tsac in your cup, mug, or teapot. Remove it when the tea has been steeped. Great for use any time at home, travel or at work, in fact anywhere!

Made in Germany, these t-sacs are made with compostable,natural Manila hemp and heat seal fibres. Both the material and the glue used are gluten free. These paper pouches are completely chlorine and bleach free.

Raw materials: natural fibres and synthetic fibres.

The patented flap and slide on the t-sac filters means there's no need for a holder, no more loose tea leaves in the sink and when you're done, you can even compost them with your loose tea!

Size: Each box contains 100 t-sacs

The t-sac in size 2 is perfect for making two to four cups of tea and sizes are approximately:


Size 2

Sac Length



Full Length









With the growing popularity of loose leaf tea in the United Kingdom, tea retailers are offering customers a variety of tea filtering devices like mesh strainers and infusers. While most are effective, problems may arise with finer grade teas, causing leaves or leaf particles to escape into the cup or pot. The cleanup may also be time consuming, making them inconvenient for tea drinkers on the go.

The German tea filter enterprise t-sac® GmbH invented a product to bring the convenience of a tea bag to loose leaf tea drinkers. These revolutionary filters, called t-sacs, combine a patented slide opening and an expanding gusset bottom. With these features the sac is easy to fill and the tea has room to properly expand. Because of its wide bottom, the sac does not require a filter stand. With t-sacs consumers can control the amount of tea that goes into each sac and blend teas for a custom flavour. While steeping the flap can be folded, twisted, and/or secured with the lid of the teapot.

The filter paper used for t-sacs is all natural and unbleached, making it an eco-friendly product. Since the paper contains no artificial ingredients, it will not taint the flavour of the tea. T-sacs are disposable and completely biodegradable, and after use filled sacs can be used in compost and gardening.

The fine fibres used to produce the filter paper are imported from the Philippines and Ecuador. While strong and durable, the paper is also thin and porous to allow fast brewing. It is inspected by computer to assure a quality product. After production T-Sacs are put through another thorough examination before distribution to retailers.

T-Sacs were created to meet customer demand for a user-friendly and environmentally safe loose tea filter. With 25 years experience and various patented designs, t-sac® GmbH is changing the reputation of loose leaf tea. t-sacs allow you to enjoy the fresh, natural taste of loose leaf tea without the hassle of conventional straining methods.

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